Franklin Pierce Athletics Hall of Fame Selection Information

Criteria for Nomination

Candidates must have distinguished themselves through outstanding achievement in intercollegiate athletics. Student-athletes must have graduated from Franklin Pierce University at least five years ago, or entered into professional athletics before graduation.

Similarly, outstanding athletic teams and distinguished members of the coaching staff are also open for nomination and membership. Any coach or administrator must have retired or departed from the college at least five years prior to his or her nomination.

All nominees to the Hall of Fame must have conducted themselves in such a manner as to reflect honor upon Franklin Pierce, and must have qualities of character and standards of conduct which are exemplary.

No automatic criteria will be utilized for nomination or selection, and special recognition may be granted where it is deemed appropriate by the selection committee.

While athletic achievement is of prime importance, character and good citizenship during both undergraduate and post-graduate years will be taken into consideration. The record of the individual or athletic team must be so outstanding there are no questions of qualifying for the Athletics Hall of Fame.

Nominations may be made by anyone. Individuals nominated, but not selected for induction, will remain under consideration for a period of three years. Individuals not inducted in this period are eligible for re-nomination. Nominations must be made in writing, including supporting evidence of the nominee's qualifying accomplishments. Nominations for the 2018 Hall of Fame Class must be received by the Director of Athletic Communications by October 1. Nominations will not be publicly disclosed.

To nominate an individual or team for induction into the Franklin Pierce Athletics Hall of Fame, please use the following form: HALL OF FAME NOMINATION FORM.

Completed forms may be mailed to the address on the form, or scanned and emailed to Matthew Janik, Director of Athletic Communication, at

Honorary Membership (Contributors)

The Selection Committee may convey honorary membership to those contributors who, by virtue of their time, resources and dedication, have significantly supported, enhanced and advanced the intercollegiate athletic programs of Franklin Pierce.

Criteria for Contributors

Individuals recognized for honorary membership may or may not have had any direct affiliation with Franklin Pierce. Their contributions may be varied, including this non-exhuastive list of examples: faculty athletic advisor, financial supporter of the athletic program, valued employee of the Department of Athletics, volunteer coach or team physician. These contributions should be of significantly long duration (at least 10 years). The individual must not currently be active with the Franklin Pierce athletic program.

Induction of Contributors

Nominations will be solicited by the same method, listed above, as traditional Hall of Fame nominees. In addition, strong consideration will be given to nominees submitted by members of the Franklin Pierce Department of Athletics. The number of honorary members should not exceed two per year. In some years, there may be no individual inucted as an honorary member.


The University shall induct no less than one and no more than five members annually. In selecting those to be inucted, consideration shall be given at all times to represent all varsity sports and all eligible Franklin Pierce student generations. Inductees within the honorary category wil; not count toward the minimum or maximum number.

Currently, members will be inducted into the Franklin Pierce Athletics Hall of Fame at the annual Hall of Fame and Student-Athlete Awards Banquet, which occurs annually on the second Sunday prior to the University's commencement. The 2018 Banquet is scheduled for Sunday, April 29.


The current Hall of Fame selection committee is as follows:

  • Director of Athletics: Rachel Burleson, chair
  • Alumni Relations representative: Katie Copeland
  • Faculty Athletics Representative: Lou Bunk
  • Director of Athletic Communication: Matthew Janik
  • Coaching staff representative: Rick Senatore, head men's lacrosse coach
  • Current Hall of Fame member: Cindy Arman, Hall of Fame class of 2003
  • Athletic administrative representative: Jen McKillop, Associate AD